Monday, June 7, 2010

Ree Ja fetish 2

Ree Ja fetish 2, originally uploaded by garyhellerphotography.

This is model Ree Ja looking fantastic in the red rubber hobble skirt.
Same session as the prior post, lights camera action,


Anonymous said...

hey Gary, great photography as always! but you got to tell me... do some people actually buy and wear these skirts in New York? do they hop to each destination or do a couple of friends carry them like a rolled up carpet? seriously, explain...

slommler said...

What fun!! Great photo! Though I am wondering how one gets around with that skirt?? Amazing!

willow said...

Walk a mile in my skirt.

Catherine said...

Your model shots have all been so fantastic Gary. I enjoy your photos so much. Wonderful! I especially love the one of the model in the hair curlers. Fantastic!

Hope you are having a wonderful June!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hi Gary,

In the last photograph you captured such a sense of vulnerability, while here I see such a 'don't mess with me' stance.

Do you take what the model offers up or are you asking her to move this, think that, etc.? Must be quite a group of skills needed (beyond the camera, lighting and editing) to produce the shot you want. Intrigues me actually.

Gary Heller said...

Hey all, thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts.
When Ree hobbled out onto the set in this red rubber hobble skirt. . .I completely understood its purpose. :)
Its not ss much for "getting around" as it is for "being around"
The design certainly enphasizes the beauty of a womans form, and, its quite endearing to watch one hobble around a bit.

Bonnie, thats a great question. Its actually a combination of both the models natural abilities to pose and act out as well as some input and direction from me. The model will run through some moves and positions and when I see something that strikes me right, I'll ask her to work with it some more and ask for some variations of it as well. Its a flow and progression.
I really like to have character, emotion and atitude present in a pose and depending on the model her look and what she can bring to the viewer, it will vary.

This pose was one of several slight variations. Ree is very natural and experienced and so she pretty much starts off with some good poses, such as this. I believe the first couple shots she had her left arm close to her body. I had asked her to move the arm out a bit and slightly bend it to allow for the space that we see emphasizing the lines of her waist and the bend in the arm flowing with the body position. These details she cannot see without being behind the camera, so its really a combination of her skills and my eyes.
Really though, her experience and natural ability help me look good in the end :)

Daryl said...

I think it took a lot of baby powder to get into that ... after reading your comment I can understand more about how you get these shots ...

Julie Magers Soulen said...

So glad I stopped by for a peek! Your latest pin-up photography is edgy and camp. Love it!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography