Friday, June 4, 2010

Ree Ja fetish

Reeja fetish 1

This is model/ performer, Ree Ja posing for one of many latex fetish shots that we worked on over the course of a few hours.

Ree Ja brings alot of character to the viewer and in my opinion gives us a sense of vulnerability, fear and yet a certain strength and sex appeal at once.

Shot on white seamless with a white Lightning X1600 studio head shooting into a 24x32 box from Photoflex. Additional lighting done with Speedlites in smaller softboxes. Back lit with two vivitars 285 hotshoe flashes.

It was no doubt difficult for her to work into various poses with those heels and rubber hobble skirt, but she seemed to have it down and made it look effortless, which I know it was not.

All post processing work here done in LightRoom and Photoshop CS4.


slommler said...

Wonderful photo! Great pose and the lighting is exceptional!

N.B said...

great photo, really nice modele

see you soon

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

I don't know what to say about this one Gary. I know the photography is par excellence - but the feeling I get is like looking at a woman anticipating abuse (fetal postion - wariness ...) Perhaps I have just sat across from too many women who looked like that while telling stories of their abuse.

Gary Heller said...

SueAnn, N.B. thank you for the time to leave your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback.

Bonnie, you know I truly value your thoughts and honesty that you give me the privelage of never holding back from because it always comes with a deep understanding of the human psyche and insight that comes from years of professional experience.
You are right on target here.

Ree Ja is an experienced model that specializes in fetish and bondage, and is very hard edged and quite good at presenting this type character that you so accurately described. As a person not in front of the camera modeling and acting about, she is super pleasant with a very delightful way about her.
This image was to be fetish and rough edged so to speak, and is one of the reasons why i sought to work with her specifically.
i do absolutely understand that this is not everyones cup o tea and some might even find it disturbing, but it isapart of the fetish nature of this that I want to express.
(what that says about me maybe you can email me in private, :)
Thanks, Bonnie. you always make me think about things just when I thought I could coast. . .

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hey Gary - thanks for the amplification of your goal and intent with the photograph. My comments were from a feeling reaction and, ultimately that must be what you are trying to evoke - reactions, feelings - and you were successful.

I realize that you set this up in a particular style and for a particular audience. I just went straight into helping profession mode and blurted out my initial gut response.

I think you are in the best position to know what it says about you, if anything. :-)
I will just say it demonstrates you are an amazing artists with a wide range of interests and subject matter.

Thanks for being so open and receptive to my comments.

dana said...

Yes sir..I was here and I saw. Great job produce works of art. Art is all about feelings, keep up the good fight.

Daryl said...

Every shot you post is in my opinion a work of art

RockyRaccoon said...

Wow I love your work. This model in particular in amazing, so intense. you captured it perfectly.