Monday, August 30, 2010

Colorful Artist Masae photo shoot

Masae Satouchi

Masae Satouchi

Masae Satouchi
Masae Satouchi

Masae Satouchi is a woman of many talents. She is a model, makeup artist, hair stylist, belly dancer, fire performer, and the list goes on. Go to Colorful Artist to view her work and many talents.

I know Masae for about two years now. We met when I was photographing a dance performance and she was performing with the Temple of Jehan. I did not know she was also a model at the time, and , I was not shooting portraits and pinups anyway but we kept in touch somewhat on Facebook.

I recently discovered her portfolio on Model Mayhem and was pleasantly surprised to see her as a model, and a great one at that. I contacted her and she liked the work I was doing and so we set a date, scrapped together an hour or so and did some quick pinup shooting. She is a lot of fun. While we were heading over to my studio, she told me she had an Ice cream bikini (her english is fine but a bit broken here and there with a delightful Japanese dialect) I'm scratching my head not knowing what an Ice Cream bikini could be. . . she wanted to stop and get a double Ice cream cone and so we did. :) When we got to my studio I then found out what was an Ice Cream bikini!

She also brought along an elegant black dress with long gloves. I was amazed at her quick transition from girl in bikini eating ice cream to an elegant red carpet extravaganza.

Masae does her own styling and also gives seminars on hair and makeup styling.

We had a great chemistry between us and are excited about getting together again, with a bit more time, and working on some other ideas.


Mark n Manna said...

Thanks for directing me here,Mr. Heller.
Your work is very impressive,to say the least. :-)

angelshair said...

Hi Gary, your work is just amazing!!!! I think you are now on another level, I can just say wow!!!

Daryl said...

Very Holly Golightly meet Gidget .. and as always superb photos!

joanne May said...

Hi Gary,
Good to see you again. I know it has been a while since I last visited you here, but it is good to catch up with you sometimes on facebook!
I like the new look to your blog.;-) Your photos always have an amazing quality to them. Masae looks beautiful in her black dress. She makes a lovely model.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gary for your kind words.
I'm deeply sadden by Dad's death but I understand that's just part of life. I just feel a little emptiness but I know it will eventually be filled. Part of live is also moving on =)

On my latest entry I mentioned that I was bitter and frustrated, it was over a conversation I had with my older sister. She doesn't understand that I am not like her, I'm not as smart as she and my other sister. She who finish 4 year college in 3 years expect the same from me...
I on the other hand can't stand school..I don't enjoy going but I know I have to and I'm trying. It's just it's taking me a little longer..but to my sister that is not acceptable.

kyungmee said...

fantastic Gary!!! I am loving your new work..& style! Just flawless!