Monday, October 25, 2010

Shooting with Kerri Taylor

Kerri Taylor
Portrait of Kerri in the miltary uniform

Kerri Taylor
Full length portrait of Kerri Taylor in latex military outfit

Kerri Taylor
Portrait of Kerri. Love the styling by Julia and Masae

Kerri Taylor
Full length of Kerri in the stunning red and black latex

Kerri Taylor
portrait of Kerri in black catsuit

Kerri Taylor
 Kerri in a 3/4 portrait showing "open bum" castsuit by Madame S

Masae with some last minute touches on Kerri

MUA - Julia Dalton-Brush, Hair Stylist - Masae Satouchi

Kerri Taylor was here for a half day of shooting. Kerri is an exceptional fetish, erotic and alternative fashion model with a long list of credits to her name. She brings it all to the shoot and never seems to run out of poses and attitude.

Makeup artist Julia Dalton-Brush and Hair stylist Masae Satouchi came in to create a few different looks for Kerri to go along with the three different outfits she modeled in.

I liked the styling and really felt they went well with Kerri's outfits and her fantastic poses.

In these last few shoots I had been using a large 30x60" softbox with grid as the key light, but am considering going back to a smaller 32x40" box as it allows me to get a little more creative with it in this modest space that I'm shooting in currently. The larger box is certainly great for the full length shots which I most likely will continue using it for.
I am loving the strip box (10x36")that I have been using of late and mounted to a Manfrotto wall mounted boom arm. It gives me great rim and hair lighting as well as some background light. The Manfrotto wall mount boom is a huge plus in that it gets another light stand off the floor freeing up some more space.

Three of these images from this shoot were given a sweet spot and mention in The Fetishistas online mag.

Julia Dalton-Brush

Masae Satouchi

Kerri Taylor

Soon again. . . .


kyungmee said...

Hi Gary! Fantastic as always! Wonderfully creative and fun images..exciting too!

slommler said...

Fabulous and so creative!!

Daryl said...

Fascinating how when she isnt posing she has a totally different look/feel/attitude .. clearly a talented lady

Agneta said...

Så fanatsiskt sensuellt och vackert!