Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo shoot with Jessamyn

Maj. Trouble
Jessamyn "defying gravity"
Here are some images/photographs of some of the work I had created with model, Jessamyn Rose.

Jessamyn is an international full time model. She has graced the covers and content of many magazines and has worked with many photogs over the years. Having recently moved to NYC from Australia, I was fortunate to hook up with her for a day of shooting at my studio.

Here we did some pin-up style photography. I have not got around to processing some of the other images from the shoot, but these are some that I'm very pleased with. I like the look and sinplistic focus on the characters such as the art works of Alberto Vargas, Rolf Armstrong,Edward Runci, etc.

I'll certainly be working with Jess again in the near future with some more specific ideas and concepts in mind.