Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If looks could kill. . .

. . .I would have been dead a long time ago. In all fairness, I would have killed quite a few as well before my demise. . .

It seems that no matter where I go or what I'm shooting I always come across the "dirty look" or the look that could kill. Some people become very suspicious and even defensive when they see me walking around with a camera, particularly one with a huge lens attached. Its as if they feel I'm about to steal their very soul or violate them in some way.

Perhaps it is all the stories about the wild antics of papparazzi going after celebrities? I could certainly understand why someone would dislike a photographer after some of the things these nuts do to get a shot.

Perhaps it is me. . .I've been told on occasion that I look mean, and cold at times. I think it comes from some childhood experiences that had me build an icy bubble around myself to keep people at distance. It works but I don't always want it there. Too late for that now. . . anyway I'm usually able to soften people up a bit once I talk to them. I guess they begin to realize that I'm not what I seemed. I know of lots of other photographers that go through this as well. Just something about a camera that sets some people on high alert.

But c'mon, do I have to go through this while taking my son Kyle to the zoo!

(good thing for the plexi-glass partition between us)
If looks could kill

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The little Red Shack on Tucker Road

red shack on tucker rd

This was a little red shack I discovered off Tucker Road in Trumansburg, New York. It was standing beside a barn that had collapsed and reminded me of a child that had lost its parents. Certainly a lot of character in this little one but I'm afraid its days are numbered.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

.New York State, Fingerlakes region

morning and haybales
Haybales in the field early morning

in the morning mist
In the morning mist

tree stump and barn 1
Tree stump and barn 1 (Seneca county)

tree stump and barn 2
Tree stump and barn 2 (Seneca county)

barn on Seneca Lake
Barn on Seneca lake (Senca county)

big barn on rt 227
Big barn on Rt 227 (Tompkins county)

Red barn in Groton
Red barn in Groton (Tompkins county)

barn on Windborne way
Barn on Windborne way (Tompkins county)

old car and barn
Old car and barn (Seneca county)

I have been away for a few days on a venture around the Fingerlakes region of New York. I stayed in Ithaca and mostly ventured around Seneca and Tompkins county. Tompkins county basically surrounds the bottom 1/3 portion of Cayuga lake while Seneca county covers much of the upper half of Seneca lake, both of which are the largest lakes in the region.
I love old barns and everything to do with country living, but unfortunately much of these things and agricultural structures are fading quickly with the times as their owners are finding them too costly to maintain especially if it is on a non working farm.
Governor Paterson has recently signed legislation that will enhance tax credits for historic preservation. I had learned that Tompkins county has been conducting a survey of barns and agricultural structures to help create a public inventory of the historic agricultural buildings that are a part of our rural history and disappearing from our landscape.
In addition to the survey they have included a barn photo contest and I thought it would be fun to enter since I love shooting these subjects and was there anyway.
The three from Tompkins county I have entered, but having only been there a few days I think my chances are slim against some of the locals who know the sweet spots and times. . .but I'm happy to be part of it nonetheless.
In particular, I had met the owner of "Red barn in Groton" and learned she intends to burn the structure down at the end of the year because it has become unstable and I assume would be too costly for her to repair. Maybe, it will be saved in the end thanks to the efforts underway to preserve these great landmarks of our countries history.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The old barn in flowery field

old barn and flowery field

Well, as you might have gathered form my last post I really had a thing for this old red barn in the town of Upper Jay. I have been going through some of the various takes and compositions and I'm really feeling good about this particular one. I think the last one from the last post and this one is what i'll be working with.
It was very overcast and had just rained when this shot was taken. The grass was so wet that I was soaked from the waist down after trudging through trying to obtain the right angles and distance.