Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Blacksmith

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The Blacksmith Canvas Print

Earlier this year, I visited a 19th century Blacksmith shop that was still in use. I was given the opportunity and freedom to look around and take some pictures while the blacksmith went on with his day.
It was a cold day in February and although it was very dark inside the shop, the warmth and smell of the burning coals and heated irons made for a wonderful atmosphere. The dark workspace is very important as it enables the Blacksmith to more easily see the colors of the metals as they are being heated. The color determines the proper temperature required for various metals to be worked with.

This is a shot consisting of multiple exposures. The blacksmith had stopped for a few moments to look outside and I quickly fired off a bracket of 3 exposures. The processing was done in a sort of two tone look, of warm and cool. This is what it felt like to me inside that day. there was the warmth and orange glow from the forge mixing with the cold air and black soot that covered the floors and much of everything else inside.