Monday, April 23, 2012

Barn and Tree

Photography Prints
barn and tree framed print

Last month I had a chance to venture out and hit the back roads of New York state. I traveled up to Sullivan county, which is a place I spent many summers when I was younger. It was March and late in the afternoon when I came across this scene on a quiet road.

Camera on tripod, I tried many angles of this shot until I felt I had it where I wanted. Mulitple exposures to create a very natural looking hdr image. The 5 exposures blended together allowed me nice shadow detail in the barn and tree while keeping the cloud definition in the sky without it blowing out..

Processed in Adobe CS5 and LightRoom 4.0.

Ironically, a few years back i had come by this way and captured the very same tree in an image called "the playmate".  the image was taken from the other side of this tree, and at that time the tree had a tire swing hanging from one of its branches which apparently is no longer there....