Friday, May 21, 2010

Roller Girl

Roller Girl, originally uploaded by garyhellerphotography.

This is a character I had been wanting to do for a while. I had found a model who was a very good sport about it, so I got the supplies ( huge turbo jet rollers, clips, nightie and hairdresser to put it all together)and set it up.

I wanted attitude, some sex appeal, and in your face expression teamed with a post processing to bring the almost caricature/cartoonish aesthetic I was after.

Shot with studio lights against a white seamless backdrop.

Probably the funniest part of the whole deal was seeing me walk into an African beauty supply store and asking for the largest rollers in da house along with aligator clips to go along with it. Oh, and do you have any sheer pink/purple nighties around for sale. . .?

"No, oh no, not for me, I'm doing a photo shoot"

"Yeah, sure, whatever your into you crazy white boy" I can hear the very polite staff thinking to themselves. . .

So, here it is. . ."Roller Girl"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jade Vixen Pinup 3

Jade Vixen Pinup 3

Here is another pinup style photograph of the wonderful Jade Vixen. There are a few more from our session, but these latest three struck me first.

This was shot in a very modest sized studio on a white seamless paper background.
Background was lit by two vivitar speedlites. Three softboxes illuminating the subject. Two small square boxes (approx 20x20") lit by Canon 580 EXll speedlites proving fill and kick/rim, and a 24x32

Photoflex box lit by a White Lightning X1600 studio head used for key.

Post processing of course done by Moi to give it a retro/vintage look.

Processing done in LightRoom and Photoshop CS4.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pin-Up photography

Jade Vixen
Jade Vixen 1087

I had the pleasure of shooting with model, Jade Vixen. She is such a pleasure to work with and as interesting to talk to as she is to look at. She is a Penn State grad with a degree in computer science. She also shoots much of her own photos in her studio and does most all the post processing herself. Needless to say we spent a good bit of time talking shop and photo editing.

I had wanted to do some Pin-up style photography that was popular in the 30's-50's.
She brought along some costume changes and did her own hair and make-up.

This was shot against seamless white paper with a White Lightning studio head as Key and four speedlites providing backlighting, fill and kick.
All lighting shot through softboxes except the two backlights which were on either side of the background and about 5ft away.

All work here was imported into LightRoom and then more extensive processing done in Photoshop CS4. The intent was to have a somewhat old retro look with warm creamy tones.

It was much fun and there are other good ones that I have not got around to post processing yet. . .stay tuned.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo shoot with Mehru



These are a few shots from a recent photo shoot with model Mehru. Mehru is a beautiful young woman with interesting features that I felt would make for a great set of portraits. She has a child like innocence about her with a touch of shyness and naivety, however she is very well educated having graduated from Columbia University and has a extensive background and work history.

I wanted to focus on her "shy and innocent" qualities as well as her interesting features, especially her great eyes. I thought she worked particularly well against the high key (white background). Her skin tones and form stand out very nice off it.

We had make-up artist and hair stylist Michelle Lagalla in the studio to prep Mehru and help bring out her best. I thought she did a wonderful job with the makeup and hair, and Mehru was very pleased with the look as well. I had asked Michelle to put her hair up so that we can emphasize her neck, shoulders and great face (love the eyes and ears!)
I must add that we had a very hot and extremely humid day on the shoot and Michelle had a tough challenge with Mehru's long and thick hair on this "bad hair day". She did great. The A/C was running trying to keep things under control. . . so thank you Friedrich Air Conditioners ;)

Mehru was pleased with the session and would like to come back with a specific look and idea in mind, so we are looking forward to her return.

Here are a few photos I snapped while Michelle was working with Mehru prior to shooting.