Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jade Vixen Pinup 3

Jade Vixen Pinup 3

Here is another pinup style photograph of the wonderful Jade Vixen. There are a few more from our session, but these latest three struck me first.

This was shot in a very modest sized studio on a white seamless paper background.
Background was lit by two vivitar speedlites. Three softboxes illuminating the subject. Two small square boxes (approx 20x20") lit by Canon 580 EXll speedlites proving fill and kick/rim, and a 24x32

Photoflex box lit by a White Lightning X1600 studio head used for key.

Post processing of course done by Moi to give it a retro/vintage look.

Processing done in LightRoom and Photoshop CS4.



Photographer Michael Elins makes all the pin-ups for the Vanity Fair girls, and for the HBO show "Weeds".
Have look for yourself.

willow said...


slommler said...

So beautiful!!! Sweet!!!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Beautiful work Gary. Her skin is like porcelain!

I can't quite read it ... on the soles of her shoes ... does it say 'right' and 'left'? ;-)

Daryl said...

She is a wonderful model .. I love that she has her name on the soles of her shoes

Anonymous said...

She's soo pretty!! I wish I looked like that! =)

alter in the butterfly effect?