Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Family!

From Blogger Pictures

Looking back through some older photos I came across this shot of a bunch of happy ducklings on a log with mom in the background. Somehow this shot makes me think of the importance of family and being together. I come from a rather small family. I had some cousins and uncles and aunts growing up although they are not around anymore. The one thing I always missed was having a brother or sister. I remember asking my parents at a real early age for a brother. God, I must have put them through hell with my requests especially on rainy days when there was no one out to play with. So much so that they eventually bought me a huge Gorilla (stuffed animal, Blue!) hoping it would susbtitute as a companion. What were they thinking. . .lol. I used to use it as a punching bag, it just had an expression that was asking for a good beating.

Some of my friends growing up had lots of brothers and sisters that they did not always get along with. They would fight like hell at times. I would hear "your so lucky to not have to deal with your asshole brother or sister". I still thought to differ. . .

This photo always warms my heart and I hope these ducks are still around today to share their good times and bad.

Then there is this Squirrel monkey who was looking out of his cage the way i would look out my window on a rainy day. . .lol.
(really just wanted to include this as I always liked this shot ;)

From Blogger Pictures



We were just spending a beautiful week on the Napili coast of Maui.
Each day was spent splashing around the so many Sea turtles, and then the last morning we were graced with a Mama Stingray and her to babies!
It was brilliant and mind blowing and genius and peaceful and fun.

The real and the surreal keep overlapping for me lately, and I love it.

Well done. Well said. Be well.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...


What great shots. Love those little ducklings! And, of course the eyes (and the finger nails!) in the second.

We do miss out on a lot when we don't have brothers, sisters, or perhaps cousins or even grandparents. Fortunately we have two chances at a family. The one we are born into, and the one we can create on our own - with progeny or friends.

Do you have a book of photos Gary?

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

great photos -love the duck family- the duck second one in from the left looks like the comedian of the family- very Milton Berle-ish- hehe!

Valerie Wangnet said...

Hey Gary, great shots. I had a look at your website and was absolutely stunned. Some of your pieces were extraordinary. The bird series really took my breath away

Big fan,

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Lovely shots. Both my partner and I came from families where we had siblings but have never had a lot to do with our families over the years. We are all so different! My daughter is an only child and she is forever asking for siblings. It breaks my heart. I would give her one if I could but we just haven't been blessed. That monkey photo is so sweet it made me want to cry! It would be interesting to see the man you became if you had siblings. Imagine the conversation if you met each other and how your life may well have taken a totally different path. xx

Sheila said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah... The monkey does look like a player in a silent film...sort of a victim of the Keystone Cops perhaps? Left a comment on that awesome baboon pix too.

Delwyn said...

Hello Gary

I just love the duck huddle... thank you

Happy days


beautiful images - poignant story beautifully told - namaste' - jenean

oh, i have five children - all grown - one of whom has chosen to have only one child and she, too, begs for a sibling - she is almost seven years now and wants nothing more than a brother or sister to share and play with and to love - so i totally relate to your personal missive -

Danangib said...

Lovely, lovely pictures !!!

Anonymous said...

I like the photo of the little monkey. It seems pretty "human". Very sad, its eyes seem to cry, its hand grabs the bars.

diane said...

Having siblings is great, you're right about that. I'm sorry you missed out on that.
The little monkey makes me want to cry.

drollgirl said...

:) love these shots.

i have 2 sisters and 1 brother. my little sister is my favorite person on planet earth. and i'd like to bury my older brother and my older sister alive.

Anonymous said...

The monkey is so pitiful looking. And no doubt wants out of the cage.

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

The grass is always greener. I have 3 older brothers and dreamed of having a sister around my age. Sibling rivalry can be very hurtful, at least you missed out on that. My son is an only child and never asked for a brother or sister (probably 'cause he knows life is not that simple). He is now 25 and I know he wants kids of his own because of a feeling of something missing. Ahhh ... lifes sweet complications captured in your photos.

Anonymous said...

I see why you included the little monkey. He has a face like a child!