Friday, June 25, 2010

Jade Vixen Nurse series

Jade Vixen Nurse 1
Jade Vixen Nurse 1

Jade Vixen Nurse 2
Jade Vixen Nurse 2

nurse vixen 3
Jade Vixen Nurse 3

This is a 3 part series that I had shot with Jade Vixen. Jade is not only beautiful, but she is great at portraying characters. She can be very emotive as seen here but also is very skilled at doing her own hair and make-up which she applied differently for each of the various characters we shot of her during our shoot.

During the shoot of the nurse Vixen character we had run through a bunch of various takes with different looks and expressions, getting a feel and building up on it as we went along.

Towards the end of this set I started to have a strong idea of what I wanted from her character. To try to bring that out front, I asked Jade to act out as though the Doctor she was working with had just cut off his patients head! She took a few seconds to think about it and then just broke out with these expressions. . .she was amazing. I had to keep from laughing actually because seeing her through the lens with that look was outrageous!
It was perfect and she nailed it within minutes.

The studio light set up was White Lightning X1600 through 24x32" photoflex softbox as key. Speedlites through smaller boxes overhead and as fill, as well as some bg light.

Post processing through LightRoom and Photoshop CS4.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Those are some large than life facial expressions. Looks like you had a fantastic shoot. I esp. love the bloody background.


Yeah, right!..he cut of his "head".


Love that this is that much campier and even more colorful. Well done.

Agneta said...

It totally explodes around your photos. There is a lot of humor & joy in combination with a little bit promiscuous feelings. What a cool model and what an incredible charisma, she has!!

I just love your photos/art.

Agneta, the swedish you know ;)

DJ said...


Daryl said...

Awesome model ....

Gary Heller said...

Thanks Victoria, yes "larger than life expression" is a good way to look it. :)

Teri, easy now lol your variation of the descriptive has me wide eyes now ;) thanks for the good words!

Agneta, yep there is a bit of everything in there. Absolutely a cool model and charismatic as you say. thanks for the time.

DJ. . .LOL. yes, there are those here, granted.

Daryl . . as always thanks for the time to drop in.

willow said...

These are so great! And that bloody wall is the perfect backdrop!

bicocacolors said...

Perfect work...i love it!!!

kyungmee said...

Hi Gary! These are Fantastic! Love your humor y style as always! Good to be back and to see your work.

Antonio Estevez said...

you and Jade kick major ass..I dig I dig I dig..

Tonya Vollertsen said...

So many great models and fantastic photos! Particularly though, Jade is absolutely flawless! I mean not even a dent in her waist with the tight skirt! Not that she wouldn't be perfect with a dent but is she really that perfect or did you do some touching up? Regardless you really ran into the model jackpot with this wonderful group. Great fun stuff you got from them!

Gary Heller said...

Thanks for dropping in. . .
Antonio, we gotta get together eventually. . .thanks

Tonya, no skirt here so i think you might be reffering to another post with Jade, like the pinup shoot. No, really no retouching done to her her form other than skin softening for the aesthetic of the pinup style look. I think she looks THAT good, plus her skirt waist was not that tight.
Thanks for the time

She Writes said...

I love seeing what you have been up to! always a bit of mischievous fun in your work :).

Thanks for the visit! It reminded me to stop by one of my favorite places. The appreciation is always mutual from me to you.