Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Darenzia Files

Darenzia in custom latex burlesque style outfit by Venus Prototype


Darenzia wearing a striped pencil dress by designer Lady Lucie

Darenzia Pinup

Darenzia Pinup
Darenzia pinup. Printed latex lingerie, with choker and gloves by Atsuko Kudo.

The fantastic (and sweet, funny and beautiful) Darenzia was here this past October for a half day of shooting. It was pretty much an open shoot meaning no real theme involved other than me asking her to bring along some pinup and Alt/latex fashion outfits. I brought in Julia Dalton-Brush and Masae Satouchi to work their styling magic on her.

We looked through the pieces that Darenzia brought with her and I was immediately taken with this printed latex lingerie. I just knew that would be an amazing piece shot in high key with the pinup style aesthetic I had in mind. The other two outfits chosen were the striped pencil dress by designer Lady Lucie, and the burlesque style latex dress which was custom made for Darenzia by designer Venus Prototype.

The team managed to pull off three fantastic looks looks for Darenzia in the time and really did a fine job. Most of the time goes into the styling during these shoots, with as little as 20 minutes of actual shooting done for each look. When Darenzia walked out onto the set for the first shoot in the printed latex lingerie, within 10 minutes I knew I had what I wanted and it was back to the girls for the next styling.

Darenzia is a blast to work with and I love her sense of humor. We look forward to having her back again in the near future.

Darenzia (model)

Masae Satouchi (Hair styling)

Julia Dalton-Brush (Makeup artistry)

Atsuko Kudo (designer)

Venus Prototype (designer)

Lady Lucie (designer)


joanne May said...

Hi Gary,
Darenzia is a beautiful model and these are great burlesque images of her... I always get the impression that you are in your element taking photos of stunning women! :-)
Painted latex lingerie looks interesting. The patterns look like tattoos.
It is good to catch up with you again on blogger, it has been a while!
All the best to you at Christmas and have a good New Year!


Latex, is so hot.


drollgirl said...

MY MY MY!!!!!!!

Tess Kincaid said...

The latex is hot-hot-hot!! Great shots, Gary.

kyungmee said...

Fantastic work always! Always..perfection! ..reading the other comments..& hot hot :)