Friday, November 18, 2011

Art Tour International magazine cover

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Anyone who has followed some of my more recent portrait works knows that I have collaborated with the fabulous Masae Satouchi on a number of shoots, whether she be the subject/model or working with me as a stylist.

One particular piece we did where she was the subject of a portrait done up with props and styling of her doing was this free bird haute couture portrait.

Well, working with Masae is always a ton of fun and so its a real treat for both of us to see the fruits of our creative labors grace the cover of a magazine.
Art Tour International magazine chose to use our portrait as well as give Masae and myself a full page article including some additional works of ours and some they selected as well of my dance and theater photography.

The magazine is in hard print form and distributed internationally and can also be had as a download in pdf format via subscription.


Bonnie said...

How exciting Gary! Congratulations. Looks like the two of you take up most of the magazine - and deservedly so!

SueAnn said...

Congrats! What a fabulous costume!!

joanne May said...

Congratulations Gary!
Your photo looks fantastic on the front of the magazine and dare I say there is a bit of a fae influence in these photos.
Masae has a real fairy look. Totally beautiful!

All the best,

P.S. Thanks for the invitation to Linkedin, but I am not signed up for that network. Maybe I will sometime in the future! ;-)

karen said...

congratulations! what a beautiful cover!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Fabulous work by both of you. Masae's styling is cutting edge. Her portrait has an ethereal look due in no small part to your talent behind the lens. Congratulations to you both! It is so deserved.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Catherine said...

Very cool! Congratulations Gary! How exciting for you - and the featured model too. She's stunning!
xo Catherine

Jade said...

Congratulations........looooove it!!!