Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doghouse session

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Doghouse, portrait

This is a shoot I had wanted to do for some time now. An old string bass and model posed in a somewhat retro burlesque style shot in a pinup sort of way on white seamless.

Thank you to bassist Trifon for the use of his bass and being generous with his time as to bring it by the studio and hang out till the session was finished. We got a late start, and he was pressed for time and so were we.

Mosh is a fantastic model, appearing in tons of print magazines and covers. She is a reknowned fetish model and also interested now in getting into the burlesque scene. Mosh did her own styling here ( quite well at that) and brought her own wardrobe and after some discussion we chose this look for the doghouse session.

"Doghouse" is a slang term for string bass, double bass, stand up bass, etc. It's got a lot of nicknames and I liked the term doghouse, especially how the name plays off the beauty of the model.

Lighting was two softboxes on camera right as main (one high and one mid level angling downward to expose the legs and shoes), a strip box on camera left and behind subect catching the hair and filling in the back of the models body. Another softbox camera left inline with camera position for mild fill mostly to head and chest area. Two small softbaxes aimed at background to get it white.

Editing was done to remove some stray hairs, ome mild skin blemishes and to adjust exposure to certain areas where I wanted more and less light. Black and white conversion done as a final step in Lightroom 4.0

Thanks to Mosh for a wonderful session, and to Trifon for coming through and hanging in there with us.

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