Friday, July 10, 2009

Coney Island Boardwalk

amusement park
Part of the amusement park as seen from the boardwalk

The boardwalk at W10th street

boarded up
A section of old boarded up building, still colorful and attractive in a way.

gory& pauls
"Gory & Pauls" which should be "Gregory, I think. . .hope

A banner for the "Giantess" attraction where it appears that she might just be taller than a Giraffe. . .in her heels anyway ;) I had to place these up high in the frame to avoid the sun which was in front of me.

snake girl
The snake girl and "She's Alive" on the right. The woman is holding her own head. . .

wonder wheel
Here is the "Wonder Wheel" on a slow Thursday. There were actually people riding and the wheel is much larger than appears in this photo.

Shoot the live human with paintballs in an empty lot. There is an announcer that trash talks people here as they walk by trying to entice you to let off your steam by shooting this poor chap with paint balls.

cha chas
Cha cha's wild women and wise guys bar.

fresh smooties
Here is a place that sells "fresh smooties" lol

macho man
We saw the Macho man and his ladies. . .

brooklyn brewery girl
We saw the girl on the sign offering hamburgers and Beer. . .The Brooklyn Lager that she is offering up is one of the best beers around, anywhere.

we saw too much
And then we saw too much. . .;)

Coney Island amusement park and boardwalk is very busy and full of excitement on the weekends. It is so run down though, but to many, that is part of its appeal.
We were visiting the New York Aquarium which is right next to the park and so after the aquarium we decided to stroll around the boardwalk. Kyle is not comfortable with being around amusement parks and loud sounds, excitement, etc and so for his sake we moved on quickly. He does love the aquarium, as do I.



It's the tid-bits that reveal the era and culture the ideals and the surreal. I am strangely fascinated by the roof top and by "Macho & his girls". Thanks for the wild ride.

DJ said...

Some awesome shots here...I thought the snake woman was a bit scary, until I saw the woman at the picnic table...

drollgirl said...

coney island! i have never been, but woudn't mind taking it in in person.

love the cha cha shot the most.

and the ass crack?!?! good lord. the jeans are so tight she must have lost all feeling back there. ugh.

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

I too have always been attracted to run down places ...

I like the Fresh Fruit Smoothie pic. :)

Pretty Things said...

Gary -- have you heard anything about this being the last year for Coney Island? I was actually talking about the difference between Coney Island versus the boardwalks around the beaches near me and he said that I'd better hurry up because next year it would be shut down -- do you know if this is true?

Lianne said...

Love how you followed the burger with the buns :-) Coney Island seems so trashy, it's fantastic. Love the "Snake Woman" sign, and the "Giantess". These types of posters conjure images of travelling carnivals from the depression era and Snake Oil salesmen.

Sheila said...

OMG!!! this was funny and visually exhilarating with all the carny attractions and hoopla. I'm hoping it's "Cory" instead of "Gory".

Hey, isn't Coney Island famous for their "red hots" or am I thinking of somewhere else?

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

These places always feel so surreal and sort of sad for some reason to me. We have Luna Park in Sydney and there was a fire once in the Ghost tunnel part. I always think about it when I see showgrounds. There's something a bit melancholy about them and the people behind them. A strange slice of life. xx

diane said...

Wow, Coney Island, how cool! To me, it's like the ultimate boardwalk.
We posted "amusements" on the same day, does that make us "carny" twins?

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

I've had a second look; your work has that quality of sucking the viewer in: Of seeing things that were missed first time round. That's a clue to a great photographer, isn't it? I like 'board walk w10 street', so cool catching the seagull. :)

Gary Heller said...

Lori, I doubt it will be shut down. They have been saying it will be the last year, for years. I do know that a developer is looking to turn this area into a huge attraction much like a Virginia Beach scale, and if it does happen i would imagine it could take a couple of years.
Although i like the charm and nostalgia that is here in this run down amusement park, i look forward to seeing it finally get its major facelift as this place has so much potential.

Sheila, I'm not sure about the "red hots" but Coney Island was famous for "Nathans Hot Dogs" and the "Cyclone Roller Coaster" which is a frightening old wooden back- breaking roller coaster that still operates today.


Gary Heller said...

Diane, of course that makes us Carny Twins :) Loved your post on Carnival scenes. . .

Mary Anne Gruen said...

This is a wonderful collection! Each photo is better than the last. My crew and I visited a few years back and you've captured it perfectly. We didn't make it to the aquarium, but I'd still like to. Your photos feel a bit like a trip there.

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

beautiful shots! i've never been there but your shots make me feel like i know the place intimately!

although, in regards to the last shot, i really don't want to know that on an intimate level! wow! :p

Theresa Rankin said...

Awesome work!!

dana said...

You might need to "get an act together and take it on the road Gary" are becoming quite the comedian. The last one was hilarious...although I'm sure the guilt is eating you alive for sneaking that pic of her (well probably not).
The grit and decay is what makes the pictures soooo good, but then you know that.

Mrs. Limestone said...

I haven't been to Coney Island in years. Looks like its time to go back. Thanks for sharing your trip. That last photo is hilarious.

Nicolas said...

Excuse me,where exactly was took the third pic? Please I need an answer! Thank you.:)