Sunday, May 31, 2009

Woody Allen and Larry David

A couple of my favorite writers/comedians teamed up for the latest offering by Woody Allen. Looks like Larry David is basically playing Woody Allen, but that could work for me although i miss seeing Woody on film. I'm looking forward to seeing this. . .

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Portrait of a Brooklyn Bygone

I headed out towards Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn this afternoon and decided to have a go at this old remnant still standing with the New York City skyline in the background. This building was on the Greenpoint waterfront off West street and Oak. Greenpoint is such a cool and gritty town. . . The lighting and sky/clouds were working well for a good shot at it and this is what I have come up with as my finished result. I'll have to come back and give it another look with fresh eyes tomorrow, but I think i'm pleased with the overall feel and aesthetic I was going after.
**Update 6/10/09*
I have found that this is what is left remaining of the Greenpoint Terminal Market which burned down in 2006 and was the biggest fire (excluding 9/11) in the past decade.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

BWAC "The Color of Hope" going strong!

I've been very excited about this show. It looks fantastic and is going great. We have some truly magnificent pieces of art throughout this 25,000 sq. foot gallery and the hanging and arrangement is spectacular.
We are going into the third of 5 weekends and I have been a busy bee trying to replace the works of mine that have been selling. Oy, such problems. . . .
We have been given quite a warm and well written review by Philip Clark. Please have a look as his blog is quite well written with very descriptive and insightful writings of his thoughts and opinions on various artists and exhibits. It will be well worth your time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Woody Allen vs American Apparel clothing

A big thumbs up for Woody!

Woody Allen won a settlement in a lawsuit he filed against American Apparel Clothing company in which the company used an image of him taken from his movie "Annie Hall" (great movie) to help promote their clothing line. The ad had used the image of Woody depicted like a Hasidic Jew with Yiddish text meaning "the holy rebbe"
I had heard about this case and hoped the outcome would turn out as it did. The ad basically made it appear as if Woody were endorsing the company clothing line.
Whats outrageous is that the company was going to have his long time companion Mia Farrow and current wife Soon-Yi Previn to stand in court to show that Woodys image has already been tarnished by himself and that basically they should not bare any brunt for further tarnishing his image. People are crazy. . .
What anyone does to themselves or their own reputation is one of a personal matter and does not give anyone any right to do to another as they wish.
The full article from the AP can be read here

A, I had to move away from my last post. . . it was lingering too long :) No explosions during todays breakfast!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Great breakfast, unpleasant moment.

I just finished making a breakfast of eggs over easy, turkey kielbasa sausages, buttered bagels and coffee for my girlfriend Nina and I. She was busy with things and put her plate aside for a while later.
I had just about finished eating at the table when all of a sudden a sneeze came on me so fast( the pepper I put on the eggs went right up my nose) I had no time to do anything but literally explode. Eggs, sausage and bagel shrapnel was all over my face, shirt, table and cat who screeched and flew out of the room with his fur on end looking three times his usual size.
Nina came running in to see what happened and broke out laughing as she grabbed some paper towels for me.
This was just the kind a thing you pray does not happen to you if your out sitting for breakfast with clients or even friends.
Poor cat was traumatized. I had to fetch him up and reassure him everything was alright . . .

Great opening weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came out to "the color of hope" opening weekend. We had over a thousand people walking through and enjoying the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.
It was bitter sweet for me as I sold out my entire panel by the end of Saturday afternoon, but had people coming down to visit and was hoping they did not come and see a blank wall! One collector was very nice and allowed her purchased work to remain on the panel until the end of the day. I replaced the works Sunday morning before opening and did sell a few of those as well.
The show will continue every weekend between 1-6pm through June 14th.
Thanks again and looking forward to the seeing and meeting you next weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Color of Hope

I am excited to announce the opening of the highly anticipated spring show "the color of hope" being put on by the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in Redhook, Brooklyn. More than 300 artists exhibiting scultures, paintings, glassworks, photography and more in a 25,000 square foot space consisting of two floors in a civil war era building/warehouse with great views of the New York harbor and Statue of Liberty.
The show runs from May 9th - June 14th, weekends from 1-6 pm. There is no admission charge and the food and drink is free. This weekend will kick off with two live bands.
I am looking forward to showing some of my newer works at the show and was fortunate enough to have been given two large panels for which to do so.
More info can be found at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Racquet Tailed Roller

Just finished this one from a bunch I had been looking over. I really loved the pose this little guy struck for me and the wonderful scenery behind. Not quite as dramatic as some of the others in the series, but I though it added a little something more typical of a nature shot while keeping it in form to fit with the rest.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Magpie Shrike. . .latest bird series addition.

So after another long afternoon of trying to capture a few more birds for works to be included in my series, this is one that i was happy with. I had not thought of catching a silhouette but when i saw this Magpie shrike silhouetted with the bright and weird color light behind it I felt it was striking enough and also a welcome variation from the other type shots in the series.
I thought I had come away with several good images to work with, but it seems i might have onle a couple. It is such a tiresome waiting game to be ready for when these little guys sit in the right spot with the right pose. . .