Thursday, November 6, 2008

A funny moment. . .

Something happened the other day that pops up in my head now and again always bringing a laugh.

I was doing my laundry one morning and after loading the machines decided to go across the street to this little luncheonette for a bite to eat. I think it's called "Georges's luncheonette or something. George is the owner and is, well, sort of hyper and nervous but very nice.

The small place was packed with all the tables seated, and it appeared they were also doing alot of delivery orders as well because George was taking orders most of the time on the forever ringing phone.

George hustled over to one of the workers, a young Mexican kid who was getting the neccessary items to put in the bags for the deliveries at the time. George began excitedly checking the contents of the bags to make sure there was nothing left out. Apparently one bag was missing a fork and knife. . .Without hesitation George yells over " Gimme da Fork and Knife"!

Now, George has a thick accent, perhaps Greek but I'm not certain. The fork and knife request sounded more like " fuk n knife". The kid was also getting nervous at the repeated instructions from nervous George and began fumbling around but unable to come up with the fork and knife quickly enough. In just a matter of seconds, George was yelling "Gimme da fuk n knife, fuk n knife, fuk n knife"!

Silence fell upon George's luncheonette as everyone looked up at George and his repeated demands for the "fuk n knife" As soon as everyone got what was actually happening and being said, the placed roared in laughter. George and the poor kid looked back at the tables and I don't think they understood what was so funny. . . .

After a short pause someone requested "Hey George, say fork and Knife again" and I think at this point George had understood what might have been so funny.

I had a smile on my face the rest of the time packing my laundry bag and heading home.

These are those little moments we all have at some time or another that really make life worthwhile, if for nothing else. . .

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