Saturday, November 15, 2008

Iki got neutered

We took our kitten, Iki to get neutered yesterday and to have his vaccinations. He is just over 5 months old now. This is the little guy that my son found in the back yard, apparently removed from it's litter by it's mother no more than a day old.

We dropped him off in the morning and picked him up late in the afternoon. We were nervous and concerned about him the entire day. Actually, Nina and I feel like he is a son, we care about him so much. We nursed him since he was a day old and raised him, so there is a real bond here. I truly love this little bugger like a son. My own son thinks of him as a little brother. . .he is a part of the family.

When we picked him up he was sure out of it from the anesthesia. He was not his usual self, chasing the big girls ( our older cats) around and getting into mischief. Sure, it was peaceful and quiet, but not in a good way. We missed him getting his nose into everything that was going on. The ambush attacks from out of nowhere, the climbing up my back and sitting on my shoulder as I type at the computer, the stalking and pouncing upon our feet as we walk by. . .we missed the little guy even for just the afternoon that he was gone.

The vets office said he would most likely throw up after his first eating since the anesthesia and that he would not be himself for a few days after. Well, when it was time to feed him he ate well and held everything. He seems to be back to himself already and this is just one day after. He had always been strong and a survivor and he still is.

Our Iki is one great little cat and were proud to have in in the family.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Hi Gary,
I just found your store on Etsy and love your work.

Your little kitten is so adorable. I'm not much of a cat person (and I see that you used to be the same way) but what a wonderful thing to have found him so young, and to have kept him alive. What a joy he, and your other cats, must be.

DanaAllin said...

Hey Gary...look who accidently found you. That first kitten picture has better be posted elsewhere (and you know where). That is one amazing kitten picture. I think I may enjoy this blog. dana m.

Gary Heller said...

Dana, Iki's has me running for the camera every moment it seems. Fuuny thing is, when igo for the camera, he starts to follow me and mess up the moment. I have to get in the habit of leaving a camera ready by me at my desk.

Gary Heller said...

Victoria, thanks for the good words. Yeah, I know what you mean by "not much of a cat person" It seems all the people I know now that have cats tell me the same thing. I think we sort of get duped into it somehow.
I know if you had a kitten and took care of it from a very young age. . . you would become a cat person too :)
Thanks for your comments

Times And Chimes said...

Oh he is so lucky to have you for his family! Wonderful post!