Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day . . .The Red Show!

NYcreates put on a wonderful three day showing of Fine art and crafts from some of the finest talent around at the Brooklyn Historic Society of which I had the pleasure to take part in. Thanks to everyone who made it out to see me and say hello. I was especially delighted with all the warm and positive feedback about my works.

A special event that took place at The Red Show was the Red velvet cake bake-off which included some of the finest bakeries in Brooklyn, N.Y.
My vote for best looking cake went to Sweet Melissas, but in my opinion they were all winners here.

The best cake award went to LadyBird bakeries entry. Judging this magnificent bake off was
Brooklyn's Borough president, Marty Markowitz and John Strohbeen of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.
A great time was had by all.

Here are some of the fantastic super delicious Red Velvet cakes!!!


Cindy said...

Gary, It was nice to meet you at the show and talk about Photography. You inspired me to go home and resurrect my blog. Come to find out you too have a blogspot. I'm new at blogging but its been fun this week. So I've put up a few of my photos with a few trite musings. Have a look-see.

Antonio Estevez said...

Hi Gary! You may not remember me. We met last year at Gallery 364 and you and Georgine awarded me an Honorable Mention for one of my works. How have you been? I wish I could have caught up with you at the show and had some velvet cake. I see you have been selling well on Etsy. Kudos! i was thinking of putting some work on there, any advice? I didnt know you had a blog. I just started one about 2 months ago:

I have become a devoted follower of your blog.

Gary Heller said...

Thanks Cindy, it was a pleasure to meet you and talk photography as well. I have enjoyed reading through some of your blog and will visit again. Thanks for commenting.

Antonio, what a pleasant surprise. Your works are inspiring and the writings in your blog are very interesting and very rich in content. About the Etsy shop, drop me an email with any questions and we'll work it through together.
I'll be dropping in on you from time to time.