Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waiting in Grand Central Station

Some time ago, while on my way to New Jersey to photograph a dance performance of the Mosaic Dance Theater Company, I came upon this scene in Grand Central Station. Turns out that while the fellow was waiting for someone he was determined to have some fun in putting on this little show.
I thought it was so cool I had to drop what I was doing and pull the camera out that was buried in all my traveling gear.
What was also amusing and interesting was the reaction and non- reactions of the passerbys on their busy way. Most people just glanced and walked by without a second look. Some were actually confused for a short time wondering why some of us were watching the "line" and then they got it. It was really amazing at how long it took some to realize what this was and why it was a scene worthy of stopping and taking in even for a couple of minutes out of one's hectic schedule.
The most amusing thing was when at least two persons had stopped and stood behind him! One was a woman with an ipod in her ear caught up in her music or podcast had walked up behind him and stood there for at least 10 seconds or so perhaps thinking it was an information or ticket line. As soon as she looked ahead and realized, she was flush with embarassment and scurried off the line much like a cat that slips up after a jump and recovers with grace and dignity.
The other was a young man with a backpack looking much like a tourist. Once he realized, he stepped off the line and stood off to the side watching amused and probably amused by his own actions as well. It was a cool little moment on my way to a shoot. . .

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Anonymous said...

Gary...after you started this blog,I kept checking back for additions..and nada..nothing. Then all of a sudden I find lots of goodies here. I'm glad to see you have picked up the pace. Loved the standing in line pictures...he looks like he was part of the show on
I see all the activities that have been keeping you busy and away from the PhotoReview website. I'm just glad that you are keeping busy and taking pictures....go for the gusto. Dana M.

Antonio Estevez said...

standing behind the statues and causing a little mischief sounds like something I would do. or at least encourage. wish i would have been there!