Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Birthday

My birthday was February 1. It came and went without any fanfare. When I was younger, I mean real young like 5,6,7 years old I couldn't wait for my birthday to come along. It meant friends over, cake, gifts and perhaps some undesireable add-ons like punishment afterwards for not behaving. . .sometimes.

Now, I dread when it approaches. It means getting another year older, period. It also seems to come along more frequently as the years get on. . .whats with that! Why could it not come along more frequently when presents and cake was to be had. . .jeeeez. Someone up there is toying with us!

Well, I have also learned that the little things in life seem much more rewarding and gratifying in my later years. . perhaps there is some balance here. I had received a phone call from my daughter early in the day, as I do on every birthday. Her birthday wish was worth more than any toy or cake I ever had or ate when I was a kid. (sometimes I played with my cake, and ate the toys. . .hence the punishement thing ) I was also very touched to receive some birthday wishes from my Facebook friends, some who I have not been in touch with for over 25 years. . .wow.

Later on after Christinas call, my son Kyle gave me a call and was excited to wish me a happy birthday. . .you would have thought it was his day. Well, that really amounted to what I considered to be a truly wonderful day. It reminded me of a photograph i took a few weeks ago and titled "the little things in life" It really is the little things in life that make everything worthwhile.

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karen said...

this is a beautiful photo. i love it