Friday, March 27, 2009

Benny the polar bear

My son Kyle absolutely loves animals and so of course besides having three cats here in the house he has a huge collection of stuffed animals and other types. Kyle is Autistic and so his strong connection to animals is something we have always encouraged as it enables him to focus and relate easily.Here is Benny the Polar Bear, one of his animals around the apartment. Benny usually sits atop the sofa and in the morning as the sun comes up and shines through our east window I am fond of the light that hits him and his great design and texture. Benny is one of many stuffed animals made from a great company called Hansa. Hansa toys makes excellent quality products and whenever we are looking for something for Kyle, I always search through their collection first. They can be found at I believe their website is being redone but you can still find their collections by looking at and placing a search for Hansa toys.If you have kids that love these stuffed animals, give a look at Hansa first.


angelshair said...

Benny seems majectic and mischievous at the same time! The kind of friend that even an adult would love to have!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary!
Thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot to me coming from you because I’m very fond of your work. It has mysterious quality to it and that's what I love ^_^

That is one happy polar bear =) he's lucky he's in good hands unlike my stuff animals hehe. I still have all of them though =D

Gary Heller said...

Yeah, Benny is Majestic with a touch or Mischievous whimsy.
Tea, he occasionally has to fight Harvey the hippo and Henry the Dragon but no one gets hurt except for some things of mine getting knocked down at times :(
His main job for sitting atop the sofa is to deter my mischievous Iki (9 month old kitten)from jumping up and knocking down my stretched canvas prints. He does not succeed at times. . . .