Sunday, March 29, 2009

More connections. . .

This one has the remains of an abandoned Monk Parrots nest.


drollgirl said...

i love the industrial look in photos -- i like the notion of finding beauty in non-traditional areas.

and this is a cool shot.

and my bro-n-law works for the phone company, so this reminds me of what he used to have to climb every day. i think he works underground now, tho.

sorry for babbling -- i am sure this is more than you needed to know!!!

and thank you for checking out my blog, commenting, and following! i am doing the same for you!

Gary Heller said...

DG, i like to know more. . .thanks for the insight.
I'm sorry for the soft images of these connection shots as they are from my phone camera as I do not always travel with all my good gear. One good thing, these shots are geo-tagged so I will be heading back to them with the good glass to try and get a series going. These jumble of wires and connections intrigue me.