Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inside the Windmill

This photo was taken a little while back, but it is one that keeps haunting me and I continue to come back to it over again. It is a view from inside the Pantigo Windmill in East Hampton, Long Island. It is one of three still standing in East Hamptons and represents the best machinary and craftsmanship that the community could afford at the time.
I just loved the wood tones and the leak of light coming in through the crack in the door.
The smell of the old wood and the creaking of the various mechanisms and parts really added to the experience of being in this great piece of American History.


diane said...

I really like this photo, and I'm glad you said something about the light coming in the door, otherwise I might not have appreciated that. Your blog is really good. I especially liked the sneeze/egg/cat story, hilarious.
Your comment is a welcome addition to my blog. Thank you.

Alexa said...
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mandi said...

Your photographs are absolutely wonderful. I love how in this photo (and the one in previous post) you can almost hear and smell everything around you. When a photo can relay more than just a visual image you know it is a true piece of art. :)

drollgirl said...

what a beautiful photo! i always love when something 2 dimensional can reflect depth, light, texture, etc.

and your comment about the panda header on my blog??!?! hilarious. i will never look at that header the same way again. :)

Sheila said...'re able to capture such beautiful glimpses of life around us that may never be duplicated.

Gary you also paint a wonderful image with your writing too!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

such a beautiful shot gary. i love how your photo and story really put us in the windmill with you. :)

Delwyn said...

Hi Gary,

I like the light coming in from the left of the image in addition to that sneaking in through the crack in the door. The wood patinas make you think you can smell the age of the timbers ... a lovely shot

Happy Days

Pretty Things said...

First, I LOVE the drain pipe self portrait on your main web site and if anyone here hasn't visited it, you're missing out.

Secondly, I adore abandoned things. My Flickr has some very amateur tries at it.

And third, I am always honored when you stop by my blog, because you are such an artist and I'm humbled!

mandi said...

Thank you for having such a great blog and following me! I mentioned you in my blog today!