Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rear Window

Having come from the great blog of Lianne, at my kitchen table and reading her two part post about seeing a man suspiciously dump a bag in a back alley dumpster I was reminded of the movie "Rear Window" by Alfred Hitchcock. That in turn reminded of my photo titled "Rear Window" which was captured looking off the Manhattan bridge near nightfall. The view is of the rear of an old building in Chinatown. Inside we can see an occupant and perhaps make out a few other things such as the large butcher knife on the table in front of the window.
This photograph is a part of a window series that I had and still will be working on. I find that there is something intrguing about the window dressings, colors, contents of the dwelling that can be seen from the outside and condition of the window and its surroundings. It causes me to wonder about the persons living inside and what I can tell about them from the window. I try not to shoot windows that are open and where the occupants are visible as that sometimes ruins the mystery as well as bordering on invasion of privacy, etc. but in this case I was intrigued by the occupant and the contents of the home and overall condition of the building. It was deliberate on my part that the person could not be identified by this image. More of my window series can be viewed on my
website on the "gallery" link.
Click on the image for a larger version to better make out the details.


drollgirl said...

this is an amazing image!

i love shots of windows and doors. means of escape? portal to the world? looking glass? not sure which or why, but they are just fascinating.

Lianne said...

Ooh, I love this and your whole window concept. There is something about windows that just begs us to take a peek into strangers' lives.

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

this is a killer shot! i admit, i sometimes like to be a voyeur when we drive by homes and take a quick glance into other's lives, i like to see how people decorate really. :p
love it gary!

Gary Heller said...

Thanks for commenting Janene and Lianne. Yeah, I'm not sure what it is thats so interesting about windows and doors, but Portals to the world and Means of escape are good food for thought. I think there is cetainly something there in those regards.

Gary Heller said...

Zuppaartista, i agree it is voyeurism and i think we all are curious about eachother and how others are living, especially when the outer windows or doors into anothers life are so interesting
thanks for your time to comment

L.Holm said...

there is something so intriguing about voyeuristic window-peaking. Love this shot (and the movie)!