Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slacker Personal Radio

I'm lovin slacker Radio! If you have not heard of or listened to Slacker Radio, you have to check it out. It offers a huge selection of customizable radio stations with great sound quality. What I'm really lovin is the mobile apps that they offer for the Blackberry and iphones. These free apps let you have whatever radio stations you like on your phone including comedy as well as most every music genre you can think of. The best thing is that on my blackberry phone I can actually download radio stations and cache them which means that I can listen to any radio station even if I'm not in an area where a signal can be had, such as the subway. Its great to listen to radio stations sometimes instead of downloaded music because you can listen to songs you have never heard before and discover great new talents that are emerging. Details about the artist can be viewed as well as all the lyrics and album cover.
Give it a go, its free. Its so good though that I think I'll be dishing out the mere 3.99 a month for total access to this great station and portable music.

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