Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iki is a year old

Well, Iki made it to his 1st birthday and is now officially one year old. Some early photos and info about Iki's plight can be found here.
He really is like a dog. He always runs to the door when were coming home or leaving, he lays around us in bed, always licking our face or hands or legs and loves to play endlessly.
His mother still roams around in the backyard and on occasion I would bring Iki out on the porch and they would see eachother. The mother would just stop in her tracks and look at him and I always wonder if somehow she knows that it was the one of her litter that she removed.
Ironically, the one she removed might be the only survivor from the bunch although I think one of the others might have been given a home.


drollgirl said...

happy birthday to little iki!!!!

i have a couple of cats that must be half dog. some of their habits are downright bizarre!

Lianne said...

I just clicked on your link to baby Iki and the first picture of him just breaks my heart. He is so adorable. OMG, my back teeth are aching.

Also wanted to say thanks for finding my blog. I will sit down (once home from work) and really take a good look at your blog, but I can already tell that your photography really resonates with me.

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

oh my! what a handsome little guy!
his story tugged at my heart! i am so glad to hear that he has such a loving warm family, you guys are super awesome for taking him in. i so love that kitten photo of him, it's one of my favs from the paws for charity book.

oh you guys have a special place in my heart for sure, you know i am just kitty crazy! ;p

happy birthday dear iki!

L.Holm said...

Soooo cute! What a sweet cat. He was an adorable kitten, and sure looks handsome on his first birthday! Lucky kitty to be rescued by your family.

Delwyn said...

Hi Gary

I wondered why I was so far behind with your posts and then realised that I had neglected to click on the Follow!
so now I am catching up...

I love the cat in her setting - such a good match with the fabrics...

Happy days

DJ said...

Beautiful cat you have there.
I rescued a male that had been abandoned by his mother. Tiny, sickly, and braving a thunderstorm, I tho't he needed a big strong name. Sampson is now a 15 lb. family member who regularly discusses household conditions, lies purring in my arms like an infant, responds to verbal commands, and puts strays in their place on the outer limits of our property.

dana said...

I feel like such a slacker Gary. I see that I have missed some wonderful things in here. Iki's first birthday for one (his baby picture is still next to my desk) Heading back to the blog to catch up....sorry. Dana